• Riot Edge 14.5 (Poly, Rudder)

    Riot Edge 14.5 (Poly, Rudder)


    Riot Edge 14.5 (Poly, Rudder)

     The Edge 14.5 has enough length and chine to track well yet maintain a versatile maneoverability.  It's got a slim bow and a low deck profile so it feels sleek and agile and doesn't blow too much in a cross wind.  This model has a rudder, two sealed bulkheads, and a bow and stern hatch so you can head out for a day on the lake or even a weekend retreat.  


    14'6" / 443 cm


    21.6" / 55 cm

    Cockpit Dimensions

    36.5" x 19.5"
    93 x 50 cm


    60.9 lbs / 27.6 kg

    Max Load

    325 lbs / 147 kg


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