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Platypus&reg Wine Storage PlatyPreserve&#8482 800mL

Platypus® Wine Storage PlatyPreserve™ 800mL

The PlatyPreserve™ system is the light and collapsible way to store, transport and preserve wine anywhere.

Simply pour your wine in, squeeze out the air and seal it up tight. It frees up room in your kitchen as effectively as it does in your pack and will preserve the flavor of wine for weeks. Go ahead, open a bottle or two.With PlatyPreserve**, you can open a bottle of wine, if only to enjoy one glass. Or open several different bottles - such as a red and a white - with the flexibility to enjoy them at your leisure.

PlatyPreserve is the best way to protect the taste of an open bottle of wine. Alternative methods might have you pump air out of your wine bottle or inject gas into the bottle. With PlatyPreserve, you simply transfer your un-finished wine into an air tight reservoir, protecting the taste so it can be enjoyed days or even weeks later.

Collapsible containers offer an easy, lightweight alternative to transport and enjoy wine wherever you go.
- Durable materials ensure superior leak protection.
- Food-grade lining is 100% taste-free, preserving the taste of your wine.

Want to enjoy your favorite wine in a setting that isn’t exactly wine-appropriate? PlatyPreserve™ is the perfect solution for transporting your wine securely – whether you’re backpacking, cycling, traveling or at a concert. The lightweight, flexible bottle travels comfortably in a backpack or shoulder bag and the cap provides easy pouring and a secure closure.

Capacity  0.8 liters
Weight  0.8 oz / 24 g
Size 6.3 x 10.25" / 16 x 26cm
Materials Film: Nylon/PE; Spout: PE; Cap: PP

How PlatyPreserve works:
Pour wine into PlatyPreserve
Place cap loosely on PlatyPreserve
Remove all air by squeezing PlatyPreserve
Tighten cap to keep air out

Since PlatyPreserve is a flexible container, the air can be removed from the wine by simply squeezing the container to expel ALL of the air. This can not be done with a rigid glass container.