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Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero
Outdoor Research Seattle sombrero forest black

Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero Hat

Made with Gore-Tex, this award-winning hat will keep your bean dry and comfortable in a downpour.  The brushed lining wicks moisture and the brim directs water away from your face.  It's got a floating foam-stiffened brim and an internal adjustable cinch band to get the right fit.  The chin cord is removable and there are magnets in the hat so you can go Aussie style if you wish.

  S M L XL 1 SZ S/M L/XL
US hat 17.2-17.8 18-18.4 18.7-19 19.3-20 17.2-19.3 17.2-18.4 18.7-19.3
Circum 54.6-55.8 56.2-58.1 58.4-60 60.6-61 56.2-61 54.6-58.1 58.4-61