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Outdoor Research Equinox Sun Hat

A slightly stretchy full brim sun hat that is full of vents around the sides and back of the head. Lightweight, it can scrunch into your backpack side pocket to be ready whenever you need it. The brim has a hinge at the back to fold down so it's not in the way when you put your backpack on, yet still protects that vulnerable back-of-the-neck region.

  S M L XL 1 SZ S/M L/XL
US hat 17.2-17.8 18-18.4 18.7-19 19.3-20 17.2-19.3 17.2-18.4 18.7-19.3
Circum 54.6-55.8 56.2-58.1 58.4-60 60.6-61 56.2-61 54.6-58.1 58.4-61