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Nemo Tensor Insulated mat
Nemo Tensor Insulated mat valve open
Nemo Tensor Insulated mat valve closed
Nemo Tensor Insulated mat dump valve
Nemo Tensor Insulated mat size

Nemo Tensor Insulated

With higher R-values than mats of comparable weight, the Tensor insulated mat series incorporates 2 suspended layers of Thermal Mirror metallized film to reflect heat back at you, without the crinkly noisiness of other designs. The result is a warm, silent, supportive ultralight mat. They are 3" thick and come with a Vortex pump sack for easy fast inflation (without having to fill your mat with moisture from mouth inflation). The valve lies flush to the pad so it doesn't catch on things and allows for fine tuning of air pressure so you can get the firmness perfect. The mat is made of 100% bluesign certified premium recycled fabric.

  Regular Wide Long Wide
R-value 4.2 4.2
Weight 540 g  g
Width 64 cm 64 cm
Length 183 cm 193 cm
Thickness 7.6 cm 7.6 cm
Packed dimensions 24 x 8.5 cm 24 x 9 cm