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woman sleeping in Nemo Tempo 35
Nemo Tempo 35 womens draft collar
Nemo Tempo 35 womens  packed up

Nemo Tempo 35 (women's)

A comfortable, compact synthetic bag with more room than a mummy. The spoon shape allows you to side sleep and move your legs and arms around a little. An external draft collar keeps you cozy and there is a little zippered stash pocket near the top of the bag to keep your essentials handy. The Tempo series in mens and womens have opposite sided zips so they can zip together. 

Comes with mesh storage bag and compression stuff sack.

Insulation: synthetic Stratofiber
Warmth rating: 2C
Weight: 1280 g
Stuffed size:  29 x 20 cm
Inside length: 185 cm
Shoulder girth:  157 cm
Knee girth: 157 cm