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Nemo Jazz
Nemo Jazz
Nemo Jazz pad sleeve

Nemo Jazz

Your bed away from home! This uber-comfortable camping bag has an integrated removable sheet that is washable, a built-in pillowtop, integrated pad sleeve, and cozy draft collar. The pad sleeve will accommodate most 25" pads. You can roll up your pad and the sleeping bag together for simplicity as the storage bag is big enough to accommodate both. The bag itself is rectangular so you have lots of room to move around. Perfect for front-country camping in total comfort, or for sleeping in your vehicle.

Comes with duffel storage bag.

Insulation: synthetic Stratofiber
Warmth rating: -7C
Weight: 2340 g
Stuffed size:  74 x 33 x 33 cm
Inside length: 198 cm
Shoulder girth:  183 cm
Knee girth: 183 cm