• MSR SuperFly (with auto start)

    MSR SuperFly (with auto start)

    MSR SuperFly (with auto start)

    MSR SuperFly (with auto start)

    $90.00 Booyah!

    MSR's most versatile, ultralight canister stove.  It's fast too - boils a litre of water in 3 minutes.  With the Multi-Mount™ interface this stove is a great pick for international travel as it is compatible with most self-sealing fuel canisters.  Sturdy and stable enough for larger pots, the SuperFly has precise flame control for excellent simmering and comes with its own piezo auto-ignition for easy starting. 

    Minimum weight:  144g (5.1oz) 
    Packed weight:
      189g (6.3oz)
    Fuel type: white gas
    Boil time:  3 mins (1L)
    Burn time:  60 mins for 227g (8oz) canister

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