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1721 MSR Service Kit Expedition (SimmerLite -- components)


MSR Service Kit SimmerLite

Complete Maintenance and Repair Kit Services SimmerLite™ Stoves and Standard Pumps

     An extended trip far away from home is no place to remember you forgot to replace that worn-out O-ring. But it happens. Be prepared for anything with MSR®'s Expedition Service kits. They provide comprehensive maintenance and repair solutions for your liquid-fuel stove and pump in places where failure is not an option.

Increased Stove Life: maintains performance over time
All-in-One: replaces worn or damaged stove and pump parts
Added Reliability: maintain stove on long trips


  • jet cleaning tool
  • jet & cable tool
  • safety pin
  • pump cup & pump cup oil
  • check valve ball, spring & plug
  • fuel tube busing
  • spare SimmerLite jet
  • shaker needle
  • air tube
  • dip tube
  • 2 fuel tube O-rings, 2 fuel bottle O-rings & 2 control valve O-rings

Weight: 3.5 oz / 99 g