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Kokopelli Feather Pump diagram

Kokopelli Feather Pump

Inflate your packraft in 60 seconds with the Feather Pump. It's small - 6 ounces, so it's easy to bring with you. The battery is a rechargeable lithium-ion with a 40 minute battery life and works with any micro USB charger. The on button requires a 3 second hold so it doesn't turn on accidentally in your drybag. The main inflation nozzle was recently upgraded on this pump so that when you're finished pumping and you pull the nozzle away from the packraft's valve there will be no air loss.

This little pump has won PaddleExpo and Paddle Sports Retailer awards and will work on all packrafts, inflatable kayaks and SUPs, as well as camping mats. Includes 5 different nozzle ends.

Please note: the Feather Pump is only intended to fill volume (or vacuum out air) and will not pressurize above 0.1-0.2 PSI.