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Kisseynew Prospector 15 (ultra kevlar)

Kisseynew Canoes are made in Air Ronge, Saskatchewan - our own backyard. The exceptional workmanship yields beautiful canoes with details you won't find in most bulk manufactured boats, such as no hardware through the hull, colour-infused resin instead of gel coats (which add weight), epoxy resin which is far superior to cheap resins but costs more and is harder to work with, dual carbon/ash gunwales (again, no hardware), and sophisticated vacuum infusion process that ensures the best strength-to-weight ratio you can get.

Great for shorter trips, the Prospector 15 can be easily paddled solo by sitting in the bow seat facing stern.  The seats are mounted low for stability while sitting. There is enough room and capacity to do tandem trips if overall weight is kept down and paddlers pack minimally. It also tracks quite well but has moderate rocker (2.5" bow and stern) for maneuverablity in current. This boat is the Ultra Kevlar layup with deep dish yoke, reinforced end caps, sealed loop holes and skid plates.

Note: this canoe may not be exactly as shown in the photos.

For more information, check our blog post on Kisseynew Canoes.

Length: 15' (waterline), 15'6 (max)
Beam: 34″ (gunwale), 34.75″ (max)
Bow Height: 21″
Stern Height: 21″
Center Height: 15″
Weight: 42 lbs