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Garmin InReach Explorer+

The Explorer+ is a satellite communicator that has preloaded TOPO maps and navigation sensors.  It operates on the Iridium satellite network so you can both send and receive text messages from anywhere on the globe.  With the device's full-fledged GPS navigation you can follow routes, drop waypoints and find your way back with a breadcrumb trackback trail, plus you get on-map guidance right on the device.  The built in navigation sensors allow you to maintain accurate bearings such as heading, elevation and speed.

You can track your journey and loved ones can ping and message you, and if you ever need it you can trigger an SOS, get confirmation that it was received, and have a two-way conversation with your rescuers.  SOS messages are received by GEOS, a worldwide emergency response coordination centre with 24/7/365 staffing.

The unit is user-friendly with a colour screen and virtual keyboard, and is waterproof (IPX7), dustproof, and impact resistant.  The internal rechargeable lithium battery gives about 100 hours of operation in tracking mode. 

  • track and share your location with others using Mapshare
  • pair your device with your mobile device using the free Earthmate app to get more maps, charts, aerial imagery and more 
  • plan trips, manage your device and store tracking data using the Explore web app
  • GPS accuracy to plus or minus 5 metres
  • get weather forecasts for any location

There are two main advantages the Explorer+ has over the SE+: a digital compass (rather than a satellite compass) which functions even when you are not moving, and built-in Earthmate topographical maps - you don't need to open the Earthmate app in your smartphone to access these, as you do with the SE+ model.