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Icemule Pro soft cooler on model
Icemule Pro soft cooler rolled up
Icemule Pro soft cooler 24L grey
Icemule Pro soft cooler 33L green
Icemule Pro soft cooler 40L grey
Icemule Pro soft cooler harness

Icemule Pro Soft Cooler

Icemule's Pro series of soft, waterproof coolers are a little more durable than the Classic series, plus they have a backpack harness system and front lashing.  They are completely waterproof and will retain solid ice for more than 48 hours.  Made of tough inner and outer layers with PolarLayer foam insulation in between, you can add air to increase the insulation properties.  The Pro coolers float (when closed properly), and roll up small when you're finished with them by using the valve to release the air in the insulating layer.

Comes in three sizes.  The 23L cooler will hold 18 cans and ice, the 33L will hold a two-four and ice, and the 40L will hold 36 cans and ice.