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Fischer Speedmax 3D Skate Plus IFP

Speedmax is the highest tech ski in the world, and the new 3D version is designed with waxable sidewalls. Sound crazy? Think of how often your sidewalls contact the snow when double poling in track, cornering, and in soft snow. It adds up!

Speedmax is famous for its cold base bonding. This protects the molecular structure of the base which can be distorted through heat, meaning these bases will absorb wax better than any heat-bonded ski base. The skis are precision paired so each ski matches its partner and they come pre-waxed with Vauhti flourinated wax. Camber is optimized for compact to soft snow, and the hole at the tip allows for the quickest swing.

Sidecut:  41/44/44
Core:  Air core HM Carbon honeycomb
Base: World Cup Plus
Plate:  IFP 
1030 g


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