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Faber Winter Guide snowshoe
Faber Snowshoe Winter Guide binding
Faber Snowshoe Winter Guide in hand top
Faber Snowshoe Winter Guide in hand undeside

Faber Snowshoe Winter Guide 1140

Can't decide between a contemporary aluminum framed snowshoe or the wood traditional?  Faber gives you another option.  Made in Canada, the Winter Guide brings an arched wood frame together with a UV treated copolymer decking made to withstand -40° C.  The wood frame is treated with an oil-based varnish to prevent snow and slush buildup in wet conditions.  The binding has two lever ratchet buckles for easy in/out, and its position on the pivot minimizes toe lift of the snowshoe.  A great all-round snowshoe.

To size correctly, use the following chart. Because this chart is for packed snow conditions and we have very dry snow here in Saskatchewan, we recommend going a size bigger than the chart says if you will be off-trail.

Snowshoe size Weight Max user weight
10 x 30" 4.5 lbs 250 lbs
10 x 36" 4.85 lbs 300 lbs
11 x 40" 5.4 lbs 350 lbs