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    Exped Synmat 7

    Exped Synmat 7

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    Exped Synmat 7

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    Filled with a synthetic material, the Synmat 7 is more affordable than down yet is still lightweight, compactible, durable and highly comfortable.  With 7cm of warm air between you and the cold hard ground this mat will keep you toasty in most conditions.

    The mat has a built in pump.  To inflate, unfurl your mat and let it sit for a few minutes to draw in some air, then place your hands on the mat (one hand should seal the valve) and pump full compressions for about 1-1.5 minutes.  To deflate, open the deflation valve and slowly roll up your mat. 

    Mat comes with stuffsack, repair kit and instructions.

    Temperature: -17°C
    R-Value:  4.9
    Thickness: 7cm
    Length:  183cm (M and MW), 197cm (LW)
    Width:  52cm (M), 65cm (MW and LW)
    Packed dimensions:  15 x 21cm (M), 15 x 27cm (MW and LW)
    Weight:  850g (M), 1020g (MW), 1090g (LW)

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