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Esquif Rangeley 17 coming soon
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Esquif Rangeley 17

Great for rough water and big, windy lakes this boat has a classic hull design and can take up to an 8 HP or 6 kw outboard, yet you can still car-top it. It is made of Esquif's new T-Formex material, an ABS foam laminate very similar to Royalex.  (You can read more about T-Formex on our blog.) Three wood web seats allow for 4 seated passengers and you can row the boat from the middle seat if you wish (rowing rig sold separately).  The vinyl gunwales are tough and work well for mounting rod holders and other accessories.

Length: 17'
Beam: 51″ 
Depth:  16"
Weight: 125 lbs
Capacity:  *recommendation of coast guard for motor boats 582 lbs*. Boat iself can handle 1000 lbs.