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Deuter Kid Comfort 3 harness system


Deuter Kid Comfort 3

First class travel for both kid and adult!  With Deuter's most comfortable load-bearing harness sytem the weight is easy to carry.  The child sits in an all-round padded "cabin" with adjustable seat, footrests, chin pad for napping on, and integrated sun roof which stows in the headrest.  There are numberous pockets and a larger storage area under the seat.  Hydration system compatible - plus it comes with the pictured teddy :)

Weight: 3500 g
Volume: 18 litre
Size (standing): 80 x 43 x 34 cm

Deuter Aircontact System:  The easiest way to carry heavy loads, this harness system has an X-shaped aluminum frame that brings the weight close to the body.  The harness is adjustable to different torso lengths.  Back cushions have a pump effect that keeps air circulating.