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Deuter Exosphere -6 SL
Deuter Exosphere -6 hood
Deuter Exosphere -6 footbox
Deuter Exosphere -6 compression sack

Deuter Exosphere -6

This three-season bag is expandable in width up to 25% due to its elastic chamber seams. This keeps the bag close to you for quick warmth (less air to heat up) yet offers great freedom of movement. Shingle-layer construction involves 3 overlapping layers of insulation so you never get cold spots, and the hood and footbox are ergonomically shaped. There is a small inside pocket and a warmth collar to keep out drafts. Materials are PFC free. Comes with compression sack.

Note about the photos: the regular and large are red with red lining, the women's SL version is purplish with orange lining. 

Insulation: Thermo ProLoft
Warmth rating:  -6C 
Weight: 1.37kg (Reg), 1.53kg (Long), 1.43kg (SL) 
Stuffed size: 19 x 33cm (Reg), 21 x 35cm (Long), 19 x 33cm (SL)
Inside length: 185cm (Reg), 200cm (Long), 175cm (SL)  
Shoulder width: 68cm (Reg), 73cm (Long), 68cm (SL)