• Delta 17 (Rudder)

    Delta 17 (Rudder)


    Delta 17 (Rudder)

    With a hull shape that reflects both British and North American influences, the Delta 17 is a great mix of stability, manoeverability, storage capacity and tracking.  Soft chines and a V-shaped hull give it an easy feel in the water and the moderate rocker makes turning simple.  There is lots of storage capacity and a handy day hatch for easy-to-reach items.  This elegant boat is ideal for lakes and ocean swells and surf; a good pick for extended trips. 

    Length: 17'
    Width: 22.5''
    Depth: 13''
    Weight: 50 lbs / 22.6 kg
    Cockpit: 17'' x 32''
    Cockpit Volume: 47 Gal / 179 L
    Bow Dry Storage: 26 Gal / 100 L
    Day Hatch: 1.8 Gal / 7 L
    Stern Dry Storage: 42 Gal / 158 L
    Maximum Capacity: 410 lbs / 186 kg

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