• Current Designs Vision 150 (Poly, Rudder)

    Current Designs Vision 150 (Poly, Rudder)


    Current Designs Vision 150 (Poly, Rudder)

        The Vision 150 roto is a great option for those looking for a bigger transitional kayak, with the advantages of rotomolded construction. Heavy duty and able to take a beating, this boat will hold its own in high winds or waves.

        The Vision 150 roto is sized large enough to fit any of your family and friends comfortably when they come over to play in your new kayak. All members of the Vision family have a generously sized keyhole cockpit that allows for easy entry and exit, as well as ample foot room and large storage capacity. They also feature lower faceted decks that have minimal wind exposure making for an enjoyable in-control paddling experience. These features coupled with the confidence inspiring 24” beam allow the Vision 150 paddler to experience a true kayak fit and feel while developing a myriad of skills at their own pace.

        This kayak features the Revolution Seating System (rotating axis controlled by a lever-lock system to adjust the angle of seat bottom) and the Dimension Adjustable Seat Back (a fully articulating and height/angle adjustable back rest). The Vision 150 is designed with thigh braces, a bow hatch/bulkhead, a stern hatch/bulkhead and a rudder to increase directional control.


    15' / 4.57 m


    24" / 61 cm


    12" / 30.5 cm


    17.2" x 35.2" / 43.7 x 89.4 cm

    Bow Hatch

    10" / 25.4 cm
    14 Gal / 52.9 L

    Stern Hatch

    11" x 16.5" / 27.9 x 41.9 cm
    24 Gal / 90.7 L


    60 lbs / 27.3 kg

    Max Load

    375 lbs / 170.5 kg

        The Vision 150 is a transitional kayak, meaning it is stable enough for beginners and encourages development. These kayaks bridge the gap between recreational and touring kayaks -- the perfect step for paddlers looking to transition from a recreational kayak or seasoned paddlers looking for a day tripping kayak.

    Swede Form: Widest behind the cockpit, Swede form has a cleaner, longer, and more slender entry, giving efficient touring speeds and maneuverability. In shorter lengths these kayaks are very responsive. Longer kayaks with this feature have amazing acceleration and track well. Because of the narrow bow they may punch through a steep wave, rather than ride over it.

    Soft Chine: A smooth transition from the bottom of the hull to the sides. Soft chines give smooth edging at unlimited angles. The majority of kayaks that we build have a soft chine.

    Shallow V: The “V” shape improves tracking, has a lively feel and delivers very comfortable stability.

    Keyhole Cockpit: A keyhole cockpit blends the openness of a recreational cockpit and the integrated thigh braces of a touring cockpit. The result is an easy to enter and exit cockpit that offers performance, fit, and solid connectivity to the kayak.

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