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    Current Designs Squamish (Poly, Skeg)

    Current Designs Squamish (Poly, Skeg)


    Current Designs Squamish (Poly, Skeg)

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    The Squamish is a smaller touring kayak that fits small to medium sized paddlers.  Great for day paddling and short trips, it is a user friendly, forgiving kayak that performs well.  A British style boat, it is widest ahead of the cockpit (fish form) making the bow very buoyant, so it performs really well in surf and waves.

    The skeg helps with tracking and the shallow V hull with soft chines allows for a responsive feel and smooth edging without sacrificing stability.  With a touring sized cockpit - smaller to reduce imploding of the skirt from waves and with integrated thigh braces for control - and adjustable seat, the Squamish is a comfortable, fun kayak for all water conditions.

    Length: 15' 8" (477.5cm)
    Width: 23" (58.4cm)
    Depth: 12.5" (31.8cm)
    Weight:  54lbs (24.5kg)
    Construction:  rotomolded polyethylene
    Cockpit size:  29" (73.7cm) x 16" (40.6cm)
    Bow hatch:  16.5" (41.9cm) x 11" (27.9cm), volume: 12 Gal. (45.4L)
    Stern hatch:  16.5" (41.9 cm) x 11" (27.9 cm), volume 18 Gal. (68L)

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