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    Current Designs Solara

    Current Designs Solara


    Current Designs Solara

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    Need one boat for the whole family?  Kids and full sized adults can paddle this kayak - it's stable, easy to get into, and small enough that a child can paddle it.  It's great for having at the lake or taking out on the pond for a little paddle, and it's so durable you can drag it over the rocks without hurting it.  It's widest behind the cockpit (Swede form) which means it has a narrow bow to punch through waves and the boat handles very responsively. 

    The seat is adjustable and the cockpit very large and easy to get into.  There are bungees on either side of the cockpit to stow your paddle so your hands are free (to take photos, fish, have some snacks...).

    Length: 12' (365.8 cm)
    Width: 28.00" (71.12cm)
    Depth: 13" (33 cm)
    Weight:  59lbs (26.8 kg)
    Construction:  rotomolded polyethylene
    Cockpit size:  45.50" (115.57cm) x 20.00" (50.8cm)
    Bow hatch:  10.00" (25.4cm) x 10.00" (25.4cm), volume: 13.00Gal. (49.14L) 
    Stern hatch:  16.5" (41.9 cm) x 11" (27.9 cm), volume 18gal. (68 L)

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