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Current Designs Kestrel 140R bow hatch
Current Designs Kestrel 140R rear hatch
Current Designs Kestrel 140R seat
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Current Designs Kestrel 140

With the same shallow V hull and soft chines as its little brother the Kestrel 120, this kayak is user friendly and easy to paddle. It has two hatches for gear storage and safety (two flotation chambers), a rudder to make steering easier, and is an easy-to-maneuver 13 and a half foot length - small enough to be a fun boat for the lake but long enough for better tracking and bigger capacity. This Kestrel has a fully adjustable seat, roomy cockpit, and two paddle keepers on either side of the cockpit so you can go hands-free.

Length: 13'6
Width: 25" 
Depth: 13"
Weight:  57 lbs
Cockpit size:  37 x 18" 
Stern Hatch:  16.5 x 11", volume 14 gal. (53 L)
Bow Hatch: 8 x 8", volume 10 gal. (38 L) 
Capacity: 325 lbs


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