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Clipper Scout canoe profile
Clipper Scout canoe top view
Clipper Scout canoe capacity chart
Clipper colour chart

Clipper Scout (FG with Black Trim & Wood Web Seats)

The Scout tracks exceptionally well for a canoe of its length and cruises with an ease reminiscent of much longer canoes. The Scout is great for day tours or short camping trips and for the sportsman requiring excellent stability in a light-weight canoe. It is so light that you can easily load on and off your vehicle and is ideal for portaging.  It can easily be paddled solo by sitting on the bow seat and paddling the canoe backwards.

This boat is a fiberglass layup stiffened with foam ribs for a lightweight hull that retains good strength and rigidity.  It's got black trim and wood web seats.

Length:  15'10
Beam:  35" / 34" (at the 4" waterline)
Bow height:  19"
Stern height:  19"
Centre height:  13"
Weight:  60 lbs

Please note the canoe may not look exactly like the photograph.


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