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Clipper Ranger 17 (FG, Foam Core, Deluxe Yoke & Sliding Bow Seat)

The Ranger is an extremely versatile canoe that handles well in various conditions.  Increased rocker allows quicker maneuvering in difficult paddling situations.  Added flare in the bow and stern provides a drier ride. The volume of the canoe at the 4-6″ waterline (about where the paddlers sit) has been increased. This won’t slow the canoe down when paddled lightly loaded but it will provide a more seaworthy ride and a larger carrying capacity when required. This Ranger tracks well and is an excellent canoe for the inexperienced as well as more seasoned paddlers.

This fiberglass layup features a vacuum-bagged foam core, which is used to stiffen the canoe. This provides a rigid construction that is lightweight compared to the other methods used to stiffen canoe hulls.  This canoe also has a contoured yoke and sliding bow seat to make it easier to trim.

Please note the canoe may not look exactly like the photograph.

Length: 17'
Beam: 36″  |  33″ (at the 4″ waterline)
Bow Height: 20″
Stern Height: 20″
Center Height: 14″
Weight: 64 lbs


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