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Clipper MacKenzie Sport 16'6 (Kevlar, Black Trim)

The MacKenzie 16.5 works great with an outboard in the 2 to 3HP range. It’s a natural with an electric motor up to 48 or 60 thrust. For solo use (without a motor) the MacKenzie 16.5 is available with an optional rowing rig.
Load it up with 1300 lbs of gear and you will have 7” of freeboard. The 16.5 Mac Sport weighs just 68 lbs in Kevlar allowing you to access spots inaccessible to larger, heavier aluminum car top boats. Motor, row or paddle it.  (Optional rowing rig available.)

The canoe is stiffened with a vacuum-bagged foam core in the Kevlar layup and covered in a layer of Kevlar, resulting in the honey coloured floor. This is a rigid and lightweight method to stiffen the hull. The Kevlar layup includes a gel coat of different colour choices.  The boat also has the black trim option.

Please note the canoe may not look exactly like the photograph.

Length:  16'6
Beam:  37" / 35" at the 4" waterline
Bow height:  23"
Stern height:  16"
Centre height:  16"
Weight: 68 lbs


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