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Clipper Escape ultralight canoe

Clipper Escape (UL, black trim, deluxe yoke, wood web seats)

A short, stable, easy to paddle canoe that is extremely lightweight for its size.  The low set bucket seats keep your weight low in the boat for stability without having to kneel. A footbrace in the stern allows for better control of the boat. 

This boat is the Ultralight layup, built without a gel coat, resulting in the honey Kevlar colour showing through.  There is an outer layer of strong S-glass over the Kevlar in this layup to protect the canoe in absence of the gel coat.  This boat also has the optional black trim and a deluxe yoke for comfortable portaging, and wood web seats.

Length: 14'6″
Beam: 35″  |  34″ (@ 4″Waterline)
Bow Height: 19″
Stern Height: 19″
Center Height: 14″
Weight:  47 lbs