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Atlas Snowshoe Elektra 1023 (women's)


Atlas Snowshoe Elektra 1023 (women's)

The Atlas 10 series gives you a lot of extra features that greatly enhance your snowshoeing experience.  Equipped with a climbing bar to ease calf strain (can be pulled up or pushed down depending on terrain) and a spring loaded suspension (SLS) that keeps the snowshoe close under your foot, you'll find you can walk a lot further without expending any extra energy.  The binding has EVA foam to snug the fit perfectly to your boot and the tempered steel crampon and side rails give great traction.  The deck is made of Nytex, a lightweight but durable material that stays flexible in the cold.

The Elektra series is built with a specific geometry to accommodate a woman's stride. 

Model Size Surface Area Weight/pair Load
E1023 23" (58cm) 145 sq in (935 sq cm) 4.19 lbs (1.9 kg) 80-160lbs (36-73 kg)
E1027 27" (69cm) 176 sq in (1135 sq cm) 4.41 lbs (2 kg) 120-200lbs (59-91 kg)