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Atlas Elektra Access 23 bottom

Atlas Snowshoe Elektra Access 23 (women's)

The Atlas Access series are slightly lighter weight than the 10 series and are great for rolling, varied terrain.  Equipped with a climbing bar to ease calf strain (can be pulled up or pushed down depending on terrain) and Light-Ride Suspension which lets your foot articulate naturally. Tempered steel toe and two side crampons give traction on uneven topography. The binding is easy to use with a one pull Uniloop system and holds your foot securely.  The deck is made of Nytex, a lightweight but durable material that stays flexible in the cold.

The Elektra series is built to accommodate a woman's stride.  The design is based on two years of biomechanical research and incorporates tapered tails, a narrower nose and bindings that are shaped from a woman's boot last.

Model Size Surface Area Weight/pair Load
Elektra Access 23 23" (58cm) 145 sq in (935 sq cm) 3.62 lbs (1.64 kg) 80-160lbs (36-73 kg)
Elektra Access 27 27" (69cm) 176 sq in (1135 sq cm) 4.02 lbs (1.82 kg) 120-200+lbs (59-91+ kg)