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Grayl Geopress Purifier demo: clean water in 10 seconds

We tested out the Grayl Geopress water purifier to see how easy it was. It takes a hard press, but in 10 seconds you go from dirty water to clean - and we mean clean! The water is forced through a cartridge that removes 99.99% of bacteria, cyst AND viruses, heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, and microplastics. This is a great bottle to bring traveling.

Wenonah Heron: the perfect little canoe

Erin only weighs 80 lbs more than this canoe and has no trouble portaging it. The Heron is an ultralight layup with gel dip and is a great boat for two people or a solo paddler. Perfect for the lake or easy river paddling, and a joy to paddle or portage!

How do you use a kayak cart?

It's great having a little cart to help you get your kayak down to the water - but how do you properly use it? Here Jeff gives a little demo on how to load your kayak onto the cart.

Eb's Source for Adventure Totally Locally Video

Thanks to the Chamber of Commerce for putting together this short clip highlighting Kevin Robinson and the store, and why it's so important to shop local. Thanks to all our customers who make it a priority to support us, and to the organizations like the Chamber that have helped us grow our business.

Tea time with Jeff & his Trangia

Swedish made Trangia stoves are perfect for tea time, when you want to enjoy the moment. They may take a bit longer to boil water than a raging Whisperlite but they make up for it with their ingenious simplicity.

How to quick fit a backpack

In under 60 seconds Brennen and John go through the steps to fitting your backpack. It's important to go through these steps in the right order so you are carrying your load most effectively!

How to Portage a Canoe (even if you're a smaller person)

Not built like a football player? Don't let that limit your canoe tripping and/or partner options. Here's how smaller, less strong people can still get a canoe on their shoulders. You can also check out our related blog for more tips on portaging.

Edith talks trekking pole basics

Trekking poles not only help with balance while hiking and walking, they make these activities easier on the joints. Plus they can work your upper body.  Edith shares some tips on choosing, sizing and using your poles. You'll recognize Prince Albert National Park in this video - a favourite destination of ours.

Skiing in Saskatchewan: Saskatoon Area Trails with Edith MacHattie

A Saskatchewan Tourism video by Mitch Doll featuring the store, Eb's Trails, and staff member Edith. Mitch does a good job highlighting just how great a sport cross country skiing is - no matter what your skill level.

Jeff from Eb's talks MOVE binding

Jeff introduces the MOVE binding from Rottefella which brings a whole new dimension to cross country skiing: the ability to move your binding forward and back without having to take your skis off. This lets you control how much grip and glide you want and is useful on almost all nordic skis, but especially skin skis which have a fixed kick zone

Jeff talks off-track skiing

A lot of people enjoy off-trail skiing, whether it's on snowmobile trails or in the backwoods. Jeff talks about our off-trail ski equipment and how it will work best for you.

Eb's staff member Edith: marathon paddler

Staff member Edith MacHattie and her race partner Rebecca (Barton) Davis from Michigan are North American champions in the women's division of marathon canoe racing. Here they are interviewed by Global News at the Saskatoon Marathon Canoe Races July 2019.

Staff member Edith talks about the cold

In the wake of the polar vortex aftermath, Edith MacHattie talks with the Star Phoenix about why she enjoys getting out skiing when it's frigid outside. 

Kevin Robinson talks Cross Country Skiing

One of the owners of Eb's and a national level cross country ski coach, Kevin Robinson talks you through the benefits and realities of cross country skiing - plus how to pick out the right set of equipment and get started out there on the snow.

Steve McSkin: How do skin skis work?

Steve McSkin is Rossignol's entertaining edu-guy.  Here he demonstrates how skin skis work and why they are such a popular trend these days. 

Steve McSkin: Maintaining your skins

Steve McSkin, Rossignol's entertaining edu-guy, shows you how to maintain the skins on your skis.  Although they specify R-Skins in the video, this applies to all skin skis we sell.

Cross Country Skiing in Saskatoon: interview with Eb's Lauren Dyck

One of the many Eb's staff who cross country ski, Lauren is one of our speedster racers who attends the Sask Cup series and is gunning for a spot in the upcoming Canada Winter Games.  Here she talks about cross country skiing in Saskatoon.

Tis the Season - by Kevin Dunn

Our friend and developing videographer Kevin James Dunn created this short promotional video that showcases the store.  It's fantastic!  (And really makes us want to go kayaking.)

Agawa Canyon Boreal21 Portable Saw

A camp saw that is sturdy, compact, and highly functional. The aggressive blade is long enough to get a good sawing action and the frame set-up allows for big diameter cuts, yet the whole saw packs into its own frame.

Paddle Boarding Kids

If you don't think you have the balance or skill to handle stand up paddle boarding, take a look at this four year old as he tries it for the first time.  The board he is using is an adult sized model called the Blend, made by Starboard.  Anyone can learn this and it is so much fun, who wouldn't want to give it a try when the water is warm and the sun is shining?  Thanks to Eb's Source For Adventure for supplying the boards.

Montreal River May 2017

With the high water this year, the Montreal River was rockin' and rollin' on May long weekend.  Some Eb's staff did the popular day trip from the picnic site at Highway 2 downstream to the Highway165 bridge.  Here's a quick glimpse.

Fun on the Fondulac

Recognize anyone in this clip? Taken on a trip from the summer of 2011 this shows Eb's staff member Paul sterning his brother Mark down a set of rapids on the Fondulac River. He is paddling his Esquif Mistral 17.5 and it seems to be keeping them afloat... If anything is going to get those paddling juices flowing, this will.

How to use your MSR liquid fuel stove

Got a Whisperlite or other liquid fuel stove from MSR?  This video by MSR is worth a watch so you know how to use your stove properly and ensure many years of reliable performance on the trail.  Check out their other videos on YouTube - there is a tonne of great information there.

Maintaining your MSR Whisperlite stove

We get a number of customers through the store wondering why their trusty Whisperlite has stopped functioning properly - and 99% of the time it is because of poor maintenance.  Once the stove is cleaned it works like a charm again.  Here's a video by MSR that shows you how to keep your stove (and you) happy.

How to maintain your MSR stove pump

Sometimes your liquid fuel pump needs a little TLC... in this video MSR tells us how to keep everything in good working order.

Nut Point Challenge Canoe Race 2013

The annual Nut Point Challenge is an 18km, three portage canoe race on Lac La Ronge that attracts all levels of paddlers.  Here is the start of the 2013 race with Eb's owner Kevin Robinson and staff member Edith MacHattie in the black boat in the lead.  They won the race and set a new course record.  Go Team Eb's!