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Eb's Ski Academy

Eb's Ski Academy group

Are you a masters skier looking to glide farther, go faster, and gain confidence on both classic and skate skis?

Eb’s Ski Academy is a seasonal program for adult skiers (age 30+) looking for a fun, motivating nordic ski experience. With an approach that accommodates both less experienced skiers and those who are looking for a little more, the program is focused on technique with a strong fitness component. Our goal is to ski longer and more efficiently while having a blast on snow!

The 2020-21 program will run bi-weekly from January to March and is run by our head coach Bryana van Leeuwen, an experienced nationally certified coach who runs the Masters Supercamps out at Silverstar Mountain Resort. Assistant coaches will also be on hand to help out as needed.

Why should I join?

This program targets the skier who wants to ski smoother, faster, and more powerfully. With a heavy emphasis on efficiency, expect lots of focus on building proper technique, including hills. As we build into our season, we will introduce optional intensity workouts. Our goal is to prepare you for some races on the Masters loppet circuit and/or to complement your summer sports training.

Do I need ski experience?

Yes, intermediate ski experience is recommended to get the most out of this program, but you don't need to be confident in your technique.  You may feel comfortable on classic skis but are still a beginner on skate skis - that's ok!  We expect that you have skied on classic skis and at least tried skate skis, and are comfortable skiing for at least 60 minutes once a week. Racing experience is not required, although racers will still benefit greatly from the program due to our highly experienced instructor(s). We recommend skiing a few times (weather permitting) to get your ski legs under you before our first session.

If you are a beginner skier, please contact us regarding private lessons to get you up to speed before diving into the program. We love skiing, and we want to help you love it as much as we do! 

New this season (2020-21):

In light of the COVID-19 situation, we will be running a modified program this season. Our goal is to continue providing an excellent program that keeps our ski community thriving, while making sure our community, staff, and skiers stay safe.

This season, our goal remains helping you to make your skiing more efficient - to glide longer, clean up those bad habits, and to have fun on snow! We will be adjusting the following:

  • Sessions will run every second week, making the program half-price! We encourage you to ski every week if possible.
  • All skiers and coaches are required to “screen green” prior to every practice. Those who cannot safely answer the COVID-19 questionnaire will be asked not to attend.
  • Appropriate face coverings will be worn when stopped in a group, and can be removed when skiing. This will be updated as the Nordiq Canada and Saskatchewan Health Authority guidelines change.
  • No indoor meet & greet
  • No indoor wax clinics; you will receive a handout, and possibly some virtual tips
  • A warm up video will be provided to make sure you are ready to get on skis as soon as snow flies!

Our first on-snow session will be January 8 at 6PM at Wildwood Golf Course on classic gear. We will be reviewing the basics and doing a ‘rust shake off’ ski - come ready to have some fun.

2021 Registration: **NOTE: CHANGED to JANUARY 1st**  Registration opens January 1st on Zone 4. Cost is $120 per person.

2021 Schedule: Fridays, 6-8pm. Jan 8 / 22 / Feb 5 / 19 / March 5 / 19 

For more information, contact the store or check out our Facebook Group.