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Werner Zen 95 2pc SUP paddle flowers
Werner Zen 95 2pc paddle grip


Werner Zen 95 2PC

It's impossible not to admire the gorgeous graphics on this premium fiberglass blade.  Werner designs their SUP blades with a longer, narrower rectangular shape which gives a gentle catch and allows a higher cadence which is easier on the body.  It is angled 10 degrees off the shaft for efficiency.  The ridge down the middle of the power face helps the blade track smoothly and ensures maximum stiffness.  The "95" blade is a little larger for medium to larger sized paddlers or those who like to grab more water with each stroke.

This paddle is adjustable to different heights and the carbon blend shaft comes apart in two pieces.  Most paddlers fit the 74" size but if you are 5 feet or less, go for the 70". 

Surface Area: 613 sq cm
Blade Length x Width: 48 x 18cm
Weight:  673g /23.8oz

For more information on paddle sizing, see our blog post "Quick Guide to Sizing a Paddle".