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Hobie Mirage Eclipse blue
Hobie Mirage Eclipse man and woman
Hobie Mirage Eclipse girls and dog
Hobie Mirage Eclipse handles
Hobie Mirage Eclipse girl carrying
Hobie Mirage Eclipse on the Saskatchewan River

Hobie Mirage Eclipse SUP

Hobie's latest innovation, the Eclipse is a composite hard body stand-up paddleboard with optional handle bars.  With the handle bars, it's a super stable safe-feeling ride.  You operate the Mirage Drive fins by pressing down on the pedals and to steer you simply compress the hand lever on the side you wish to go.  Squeeze left, go left.  And the board really goes!  You can swing this around in a surprisingly sharp turn.  If you want more of a workout you can place your feet more forward on the pedals; move them back for easier pedaling. 

You also have the option of taking out the handle bars and the Mirage Drive to paddle the board as a traditional SUP.  The pedals simply lie flat.

Most of us at Eb's have personally tried the Eclipse.  It's extremely stable, easy to use, quite fast, shiny and attractive, and a whole lot of fun!

Length:  10'6 and 12'
Width:  33.5" (10-5), 35" (12-0)
Capacity:  225 lbs (10-5), 275 lbs (12-0)
Fitted hull weight: 43 lbs (10-5), 48 lbs (12-0)
Fully rigged weight:  54 lbs (10-5), 59 lbs (12-0)


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