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Thermarest Vela Double 32 Quilt (down)

Snuggle up in the tent with your partner just like you do at home!  This double-sized quilt packs small, lofts big, and the seams are lined with a reflective material so you don't lose heat there.  The quilt stays in place with the elasticized footbox which goes over the end of your mattress.  There's a little snap pocket near your shoulder and the quilt comes with a small stuffsack and a storage bag.  The quilt is made with perimeter snap loops and includes a loop kit so you can attach your quilt to another quilt, your mattress, sleeping bag, blanket or sheet.

Insulation: 650 fill Nikwax Hydrophobic Down
Warmth rating:  min 2-7 C 
Weight: 996g
Stuffed size: 30 x 20cm 
Length: 213cm

Please note: photo includes mattresses with Down Coupler - not included with quilt.