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Ocean Kayak Venus 11

Designed by women, this tidy little sit-on-top donates 1% of its sales to the Breast Cancer Fund.  It's a great boat for medium sized paddlers but pretty much anybody will be comfortable in it.  A great feature is the rigid centre handle which makes car-topping your boat a whole lot easier if you're not built like Arnold Schwarzenegger!  And it only weighs 44 lbs - far less than many kayaks.

The boat has a lot of nice features: side handles, front hantch, bungee rigging, handy cam-lock hatch with storage bucket right in front of the seat, paddle keeper, adjustable seat built slightly wider for women, and cup holder.  It can handle anything from flatwater to slow-moving rivers to moderate ocean swells.

Length: 10'8"
Width: 28.5"
Weight:  47 lbs
Construction:  single layer polyethylene
Capacity (max): 178 lbs


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