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Wenonah Wee Lassie 10'6

Your dog probably weighs more than this boat! Shorter and lighter than the original 12'6 Wee Lassie, this boat is designed to be paddled with either a single or double blade paddle. Appropriate for all paddlers, it is easy to maneuver and very responsive. The ultralight kevlar layup makes it very stiff and incredibly light at 16 lbs so almost anybody can handle it on and off the water.  Comes standard with black trim and floor mounted contoured seat with foldable and adjustable backrest.

Please note the canoe may not look exactly like the photograph.

Length: 10'6″
Beam: 27/23.5″
Bow Height: 14.5″
Stern Height: 14.5″
Center Height: 10″
Rocker: 0"
Weight:  16 lbs