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Clipper Solitude (FG, black trim)

The Solitude is a fast but forgiving solo canoe for recreational paddling, fitness training, competition, or wilderness tripping.  Jensen designed, it is speedy and tracks well and can keep up with most tandem canoes.  As a result manoeuvrability is reduced; however it is quite responsive to leaning.

With a centre bucket seat that adjusts forward and back as well as up and down, you can perfect your trim and stability.  Novice paddlers should keep the seat low for stability.  More experienced paddlers usually use the middle height, but some may wish to be at the highest setting for training or competition.  A footbrace firms up the paddler’s position in the boat and allows for excellent control.  This particular model comes with the black trim option.

Material: fiberglass
Length:  15'6
Width:  28" (30" at the 4" waterline)
Bow height: 16"
Stern height:  14"
Centre height: 13" 
Weight:  52 lbs


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