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The story behind the Swix Gunde hat

Gunde Svan

Recognize this toque? 

This is the Gunde Hat, by Swix.  It was launched in 1974 and became one of the most recognizable toques in the world of cross country skiing.  You still see it at almost every major ski event in the world. 


Sapporo loppet Japan





...and so on.

The original toque was a marketing idea for Swix.  It was named after Olympic Gold medalist Gunde Svan, a Swedish cross country skier who won multiple medals at the 1984 Sarajevo and 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics and five times World Cup champion.  Gunde trained and raced in the toque.

Gunde Svan world champion skier

The colour rings around the hat represented the Swix wax colours that made up their wax line at that time.  They made the toque in two colours: red for racing, and blue for training.

Gunde Svan racing

We still sell the Gunde Hat, in both colours.  When we have it in stock you can find it here.  It has hardly changed at all since its first launch, and it remains our most popular toque.  

 magazine front page with Gunde Svan

 And there you have it!  Happy skiing, folks.

cross country skiing

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  • Hi Norm, nice to hear from another Gunde Svan fan!
    Not sure if the Gunde Hat is still available this far into the season or not.. we normally stock it in fall and inevitably sell out. If you’re interested please call the store at 306-652-0385 and we can look into it and possibly get you on a special order.
    -the Eb’s team

    ebsadventure on
  • Will you be re-ordering the Gunde Ski Hat?
    I would REALLY be interested in ordering one. I used to watch Gunde Svan race whenever it was televised. I no longer race but am an avid skier still. Thanks! Norm Simons

    Norm Simons on

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