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Staff gear picks: the stuff we don't leave home without

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Kevin: Handpresso espresso maker

"Just because you're in the back country doesn't mean you have to give up good coffee. If it's a part of your morning ritual, it's even more enjoyable when you're out in the bush."  Shop

Making backcountry espresso

Jeff: Dutch Oven

"The dutch oven allows me to make great food in the back country. It's made me a lot of friends, too. Every time I propose a trip to people they ask me if I'm bringing my dutch oven before they decide. Ha!" Shop

Jeff Roe cooking by the fire with his dutch oven

Alison: Trekking poles

"Poles take a lot of stress off the knees and leg muscles when you're hiking, especially on uphills and downhills. They are strong and light and can be height adjusted to fit the terrain and the user."  Shop

Alison Meinert hiking a mountain

Edith: Folding saw

"Much lighter and more compact than an axe, a folding camp saw gives you access to bigger groundfall so you don't have to be feeding sticks into your fire constantly. Especially when fall camping - it's so nice to have a good fire." Shop

Edith and her folding camping saw

Bryan: Technical clothing

"I like being comfortable and wearing clothing that functions well, no matter what you are doing. Whether you're trying to protect yourself from the sun or bugs, or want pockets exactly where you need them, good technical clothing is a must." Shop

Bryan Roset tying a canoe onto a car

Sarah: Buff

"Never venture out without Buffing yourself! Buffs are bright, colourful and fun, and practical for a variety of uses. Plus you can wear them in so many different ways - as a toque, a headband, a balaclava, a neck tube, around your wrist, whatever you like." Shop

Sarah Brisbin wearing Buff with a moose behind her

Tyler: hammock

"A hammock makes you feel like a pea in a pod. They are so comfortable you can sleep in them. I like being off the ground and able to relax. It's just a whole separate world being in your hammock." Shop

Tyler Robinson lying in a hammock

Sydney: Helinox Chair

"I like being off the ground when I'm camping. The Helinox chair is super comfy and durable, and packs down small enough to take canoe tripping. My luxury item of choice!" Shop

Sydney Stark sitting in a camp chair

Marcus: Suncloud sunglasses

"Sunclouds are great polarized sunglasses. They are good quality and affordable, so they are perfect for students on a budget like me." Shop

Marcus wearing Suncloud sunglasses

And of course, we all agree on the one item that has to come on every trip no matter what: your trusty Nalgene bottle.


Eb's Source for Adventure Nalgene bottle sitting on a rock in the mountains

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