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Kisseynew Canoes coming to Eb's spring 2019!

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This is Martin Bernardin. He's the owner of Montreal River Outfitters in Air Ronge, and he builds canoes in his shop there.

Martin Bernardin boat builder

In a few weeks we'll be receiving our first shipment of Kisseynew Canoes made by Martin. It's always exciting to get a new boat in the store, but especially so when they are finely crafted by a professional who is also a perfectionist.

Martin Bernardin building a canoe

We've visited Martin's shop a number of times and his passion for his craft is obvious. He pays particular attention to detail and has high standards for his finished work. He mounts his seats so that no rivets show through the hull of the boat; same thing with the way he makes the gunwales with composite inner gunwale and ash outer. You can see the perfectionism in the photo below of the bow of one of his Nistowiak canoes.

Kisseynew Canoe bow detail

This season Martin has experimented with some new colours. These aren't just painted on; the colour is mixed in the resin and results in a luminously brilliant canoe. We've ordered this teal colour and you won't find another boat like it anywhere!

Kisseynew Canoe teal colour

These boats are not only meticulously made, they are light, stiff and responsive and feel almost alive when you paddle them. They are made in our own province, right along the shores of Lac La Ronge. 

Ready to try one? :)

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