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Esquif's T-Formex | the new Royalex?

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Last spring Esquif Canoes, a Quebec canoe manufacturing company, came out with their line of canoes made with T-formex.  This new material was something they developed to replace the loss of Royalex when Poly-One shut down production.

So what is T-Formex?

Like Royalex, T-Formex is created with an ABS foam core sandwiched between two sheets of ABS plastic.  The outer sheet has a protective skin and all layers are bonded together under heat and pressure.

The laminate that results from this process creates a material that is very abrasion and impact resistant, retains a structural memory, and floats.  Which is exactly what you want in a downriver boat.


Where is it made?

T-Formex is completely Canadian, made in Frampton, Quebec.  Esquif Canoes is the manufacturer of both the T-Formex sheets and the canoes made from them.

How does it compare with Royalex?

Canoes made with T-Formex have very similar properties to their Royalex counterparts.  They weight about the same.  They are just as tough.  (Some testers said they find the new material tougher and stiffer than Royalex.)  They both bounce back into their original shape after being folded around a rock (or backed into by a vehicle.. but nobody does that, do they?).  And they both slide over rocks, rather than sticking.  You can even add D-rings and pads into your T-Formex boat with vinyl adhesives the same way as you could with Royalex.

Nikki Rekman Esquif canoe

Photo: Nikki Rekman

Is it repairable?

Yes!  For minor repairs to your T-Formex canoe, use epoxy resin.

What kinds of T-Formex boats can I get, and how much do they cost?

Esquif canoe models that used to be made with Royalex or Royalite are now made in T-Formex.  At the store we will be selling the Prospecteur 16, Prospecteur 17 and the Cargo.  Prices and information for these boats can be found here.

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