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The Fabulous Less-than-24hr Fall Canoe Trip | South SK River

Camping South Saskatchewan River

Busy this time of year?  Don't put your canoe away just yet!

We did this trip last weekend: left Saskatoon Friday night at 5pm and were home before noon on Saturday.  It's short but it is oh so sweet! - and you've still got most of the weekend to get that fall to-do list done.

Fall paddling on the South Saskatchewan River

 Paddling on the river this time of year is one of the best times to go.  The foliage is gorgeous.  There are hardly any bugs.  It can still be gloriously warm during the day.  The fall migration is in full swing and the river valley is thronged with Sandhill Cranes and other birds on their way south.    

Cranes along the South Saskatchewan River

It also gets dark earlier so you can enjoy that cozy campfire, watch the moonrise or pick out star constellations - and still get to bed at a decent hour.

Campfire South Saskatchewan River

The Fabulous Less-than-24hr Fall Canoe Trip:

  • Arrange a shuttle driver.  Drop your vehicle near your take-out point at Rotary Park (just park in the residential area near there).
  • Have your driver take you out to Fred Heal Canoe Launch.  (Directions here.)
  • Paddle about an hour until you get to your campsite.  We camped on the south end of Wilson Island where there is lots of beach, bush cover, and big cottonwood trees.  This is across from Cranberry Flats on the mainland.
  • Next morning sleep in, cook up your bacon and eggs, paddle 2 hours in to Rotary Park and be home by lunchtime.

Sandhill cranes flying over Saskatchewan

 Happy camping everyone!

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