5 ways running rapids reveals your personality

By Eb's Adventure
Posted in News, on October 16, 2015

You may think running a section of whitewater is pretty innocent, but what you might not know is how much it communicates who you are as a person.  

From your choice of boat to whether you aim for haystacks or not, here are 5 indicators that reveal everything from how you fit into the world to who you'll be taking on your next date.

1. Boat choice

Your choice of boat reflects how you envision yourself fitting into the world.  Do you paddle a tough polyethylene boat that may not be the prettiest thing but is good, solid and dependable?  Or did you splurge on a streamlined, lightweight kevlar craft that is fast, sexy and smart?  (Warning: high maintenance.)  You paddle a full capacity tripping boat that can carry enough provisions for an army camp: you're family first kind of person.  You like a low volume boat for surfing rad waves with oddball names: you want to be a rebel (but deep down you really want to fit in).  And if you take your custom-built cedar strip canoe down a Class III: you are someone who takes pride in being considered a unique, interesting individual.  (Or just a bit crazy.)

2. Paddle choice

Ok, this shows how you choose your friends.  Like boat choice, it reflects certain values you have.  Some people spend a fortune on an expensive carbon fibre ultra-specialized paddle; these people may not make a lot of friends but they choose them carefully and invest their time and energy into the relationship.  Others go for quantity over quality - the more paddles the better, and if you bust one, there will always be another.  Bring lots of spares, have lots of parties.  

Most people however go for a dependable, functional paddle they can rely on when the conditions get technical.  A BFF.  (Blade Friend Forever.)  

paddle friend

3. PFD situation

Is it under the seat?  Strapped on and correctly fitted at all times you are in the boat?  Forgotten at home? 

Your attitude towards PFD wearing shows the best career path for you.   If you've sewn foam inserts into an old fishing vest, engineering is your calling.  If you're the type who brings extra PFD's for other people on the trip, get into management.  For those who give their PFD's away to the poor sods who forgot theirs, try a career in hospitality.  And if you're the dude always reading the fine print on the label to see if the jacket is Coast Guard Approved and has the appropriate buoyancy - the legal profession is right up your alley.

stowing pfd

4. Scouting methods

The way you scout a rapid reveals how you make major decisions in your life.  You may be the type of paddler that pulls cautiously to the side of the river at the first sign of current and spends an hour trekking the entire shoreline scouting every possible danger you may encounter during the run.  If so, you are someone who needs a lot of time and a slowed down pace to tackle everyday decisions.

Or perhaps you're the person who thinks of your mind as an organic GPS device. You rarely consult maps and when you do it's usually to make other people feel more secure.  You're general approach to rapids is to roar in with little or no scouting at all.  In daily life you don't waste a lot of time over decisions - you pick an option and run with it.  How bad could the outcome be?

And then there are those who always portage no matter what... decision avoiders.

scouting rapids

5. Choice of route

This is the most interesting one.  The route you choose to take down a rapid reveals what you look for in a mate.   Do you consistently head right down the V?  You're looking for someone straightforward and easy to read.  No games.  Do you aim for the big haystacks for a bouncier ride?  You like a partner with a sense of humour and fun.  If you are more cautious and find yourself choosing the calmest water, you value loyalty and dependability... flashy people are not on your radar.  

And if you like to catch some eddies, surf a little, and try a few front ferries before you hit the bottom - you better find someone who likes paddling as much as you do :)  

running rapids

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