Planning your adventures: Go Trekker maps make it easy

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Posted in News, on March 27, 2015

Most outdoor adventurers have experienced this: you plan a trip, take a look at the maps and with sinking heart realize you've got to purchase multiple topo maps just to cover your route.  You photocopy the relevant sections, number them and jam them in your ziploc baggie or mapcase.  It never fails to be windy or rainy whenever you've got to change mapsheets - which is sometimes a couple times a day - and many a mapsheet and curse word has blown off into the vast unknown. 

Go Trekker maps

Hallelujah for Go Trekker maps.  Go Trekker is a small Canadian company based in Calgary that creates all kinds of maps with input from local folks.  Ric Driedeger of Churchill River Canoe Outfitters helped create the Go Trekker maps of the Churchill River system in Saskatchewan, and staff from Eb's shared valuable information which resulted in the comprehensive maps of the South Saskatchewan River.

The result: maps of our local areas that show all the camping spots, portages, routes and landmarks as described by the people who know that area inside and out.  

Go Trekker map Prince Albert National ParkGo Trekker map South Saskatchewan River

The boundaries of each map are defined by the area that you would use on a trip.  No more worries if the river you want to paddle meanders across the corners of various topo maps - the Go Trekker map (or series of maps) follows the river itself and describes anything you need to know to paddle that route.

Go Trekker map McLennan Lake areaGo Trekker map Lac La Ronge

So next time you sit down to plan an outdoor adventure, keep these maps in mind.  They make planning a whole lot easier - and during the trip the contents of your mapcase are much easier to handle.

Of course, we do still carry traditional topographic maps for purists or die-hards :)

Saskatchewan topographic maps


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