Want to try a loppet? Saskatoon Classic Loppet coming up soon!

By Eb's Adventure
Posted in News, on January 12, 2015

And a loppet is ..what?  

The word "loppet" means "a race" in Swedish.  It has come to mean a large gathering of people skiing a long tracked cross country ski trail and all the Gatorade-drinking, chili-eating, prize-awarding, festivities and volunteering that go along with it.  Usually there is a choice of distance, and although some people race the loppet, many choose to take their time and enjoy themselves.  Loppets may be classic style or free style (skate or classic).

Saskatoon's Nordic Ski Club and Eb's Source for Adventure are hosting a loppet on Sunday, February 1, 2015.  It will be a classic style event at the Willow's Golf and Country Club - a new venue for cross country skiing in Saskatoon.  The Willows will be providing the food which will include a food station with snacks and drinks during the event and a hot meal afterwards.   Access to the clubhouse will be open so people can have a warm place to dump their stuff, and - best of all -  interior bathrooms!

Everyone is welcome regardless of age, ability, or whether you're a member of a ski club or not.  Give it a go!

Saskatoon Classic Loppet 2015




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