Vehicle makeover: get a rack

By Eb's Adventure
Posted in News, on June 16, 2014

We're just going to say it right out: roof racks make your vehicle look sexy.

Oh yes, there will be those who swoon at the sight of a sleek Ferrari burning down the freeway.  But we are members of a tribe of outdoor lovers who prefer hiking boots over high heels, who think “fast food” means Mountain House dehydrated meals, and whose idea of a perfect date involves fresh air and some sort of cool gear. 

In other words: we think a sexy vehicle is one that can carry canoes, kayaks, skis, bikes,  stand up paddleboards and camping equipment for ten people. 

Enter the roof rack.

For about $400 you can up your vehicle’s usefulness and attractiveness by 200%.  Bring your wheels down to the store and by the time you leave with your new Thule or Yakima installed, that car or truck is going to look fabulous.

If you’re still not convinced, here are a few testimonials from pleased vehicles:


“I’ve always struggled with my weight, just couldn’t keep it off.  I have nice curves, but I never had the confidence to try something new.  It wasn’t until my owner got a Thule that I really started to get some attention.  Now I even have Odysseys and Siennas giving me a honk!  What can I say?  Thanks Thule, for changing my life!”   -Dodge Carrie

“This was me two weeks ago.  I know - it’s embarrassing.  Now that I have a Thule XSporter Pro my owner hangs out in parking lots just to show me off!”   Toyota Tac

“I’m telling you man this Yak rack is a sweet rig!  Chicks dig it.  Load up a kayak and pop the top, man, it’s a righteous ride.”   -Wes Falia


There you go, folks.  Get a rack!


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