Hobie Eclipse Review

By Eb's Adventure
Posted in News, on May 13, 2016

Hot off the press, the Hobie Mirage Eclipse made it all the way north to Saskatoon this May and we all gave it a test drive.

Hobie Mirage Eclipse Saskatoon 

The verdict?  It's fast, it's stable, it's easy to use, and it's fun!  

Our rep from Hobie gave us a good rundown on the boat.  It's a hard board, so it performs well on the water and is shiny and sleek to look at.  The foot pedals are long so you can position your feet on them where you want: forward for a better workout, or farther back for an easier time (longer fulcrum).  The handles have steering levers on them: squeeze the left lever to go left, squeeze the right lever to go - exactly, you got it.

Hobie rep and Kevin with Mirage Eclipse

If you wish you can lock the rudder, easily remove the handlebars, and paddle the Eclipse like a traditional stand up paddleboard.  There is a comfortable foam standing area and bungee for securing your gear.

Here's a short video showing James (and later, Gaspard) on the Eclipse.  They aren't even trying hard - but check out their speed.  It's pretty impressive.  Those mirage drive fins are amazingly effective.

 If you think this looks like fun, give us a call!  We've got some coming to the store this summer and a number of them have already pre-sold.  Hope to hear from you soon :)

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