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  • MSR Stove MicroRocket

    MSR Stove MicroRocket


    MSR Stove MicroRocket

    $59.99 Booyah!

    If you want to keep your gear weight to a minimum, this little rocket is made for you.  With folding legs it is compact enough to fit in a coffee mug, weighs just 73g, yet is strong and stable enough to boil a 1 litre pot of water in 3.5 minutes.  The piezo igniter is included so you can light your stove in inclement weather, and it will burn efficiently with MSR's WindClip™ wind protection.  The stove comes with a hard shell carry case - perfect for stashing in an emergency kit.

    Minimum weight:  73g (2.6oz) 
    Packed weight:
      119g (4.2oz)
    Fuel type: white gas
    Boil time:  3.5 mins (1L)
    Burn time:  60 mins for 227g (8oz) canister

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    Power Traveller Solarmonkey Adventurer

    Power Traveller Solarmonkey Adventurer


    Power Traveller Solarmonkey Adventurer

    Sold Out

    A slim, compact 2-panel solar charger with an internal battery which can be charged by the sun in only 8-12 hours (optimal light conditions).  When you connect your device to it, the Solarmonkey automatically begins to charge it and optimises the charging parameters as needed.  One great feature is that the Solarmonkey can simultaneously charge itself plus recharge a device via the USB port.

    The adventurer can carry on charging itself and other devices efficiently in low light conditions thanks to the maximum power point tracker (MPPT) technology within it and, when the sun finally sets, the internal battery can also keep your devices powered through the night.

    The Adventurer comes with a tough travel case that can be secured to a backpack via straps and a carabiner and has pockets to hold cables and tips.  There is also a lot of protection built in to the Adventurer: short-circuit, overload, and low voltage protection, plus thermal insulation battery protection so you can operate it within a temperature range of -10° to 90°Celcius.

    In the box:
    Solarmonkey Adventurer portable charger
    5 mobile device tips including: micro USB, mini USB, Nokia (DC 2.0), Sony Ericsson and Samsung
    USB connection cable
    monkeytails USB to Apply sync/charging cable
    protective storage case

    Works with:
    hand-held cameras/action cameras
    iPhones/smart phones
    mobile phone
    PSP/hand-held/games consoles

    dimensions:  170 x 96 x 22.75mm with 2mm safety gap between solar panels
    internal battery:  lithium-ion polymer
    voltage:  USB 5V
    weight:  265g (unit only)
    input:  solar and DC 5V 600mA
    output:  USB port: 5V 700mA

    Number of charges:
    iPad/tablet:  25%
    iPhone/smartphone:  1-2 times
    GPS:  1-3 times
    mobile phone:  2-3 times

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