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  • NRS H2Core Silkweight Shirt (men's short sleeve)

    NRS H2Core Silkweight Shirt (men's short sleeve)


    NRS H2Core Silkweight Shirt (men's short sleeve)

    $41.99 Booyah!

    A relaxed fitting shirt for watersports that keeps the sun off and gives you lightweight protection.  Breathes well, dries quickly.  The fabric under the arms is super-light and stretchy to restrict friction while you are paddling or working the lines.

  • Handpresso Pump

    Handpresso Pump


    Handpresso Pump

    $129.00 Booyah!

    This is a manual, no batteries espresso machine so you can have your high quality fix wherever you are on the planet!  You can use either ground espresso or ESE pods in an adapter.  Pump the Handpresso up to 16 bars (like a bike pump), add hot water and your grounds, and presto - you've got a fresh espresso.  Imagine enjoying that on a mountainside!

    Pressure: 16 bars
    Water reservoir: 50 ml
    Size: 22 x 10 x 7 cm
    Light weight : 480 g
    Color: black
    E.S.E. pods either/or ground espresso coffee
    Under guarantee: 2 years

  • Sea to Summit Aquaracks (pair)

    Sea to Summit Aquaracks (pair)

    $110.00 - $130.00

    Sea to Summit Aquaracks (pair)

    $110.00 Booyah!

    These ultra-strong, padded supports are a great way to store your kayak off the ground and out of the way.  We use them for our display kayaks in the store.  You can use them indoors or outdoors.  They come in two sizes: the small is all you need for whitewater or smaller touring kayaks, or lightweight rowing shells.

    Capacity: 80kg/ 175lb (Regular), 50kg/ 110lb (Small)

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