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  • Big Agnes Sleeping Bag Wind Lip 28 (-2C)

    Big Agnes Sleeping Bag Wind Lip 28 (-2C)

    $200.00 - $220.00

    Big Agnes Sleeping Bag Wind Lip 28 (-2C)

    $200.00 Booyah!

        This men's traditional mummy-shaped synthetic bag is built for performance and showcases a new insulation system called Pinneco Core®. Pinneco Core® features a breathable membrane between two fiber layers, allowing sweat and moisture to leave the bag while heat stays next to the body.

        The Wind Lip 28 would be an excellent choice if you’re looking for the lightest weight synthetic bags available that will last a long time and keep you warm and dry .

    • Mesh storage sack & nylon stuff sack
    • No-draft collar seals around neck to keep cold air from sneaking in
    • No-draft zipper tube insulates along the length of the zipper
    • Contoured hood features a draw cord and cord lock for easy adjustment

    Comes in 2 sizes: Regular and Long.

    Insotect Tubic™ is a revolutionary tubular insulation system engineered to provide the maximum loft for supreme thermal efficiency and user comfort.  

    - the significant air space created by the DualVault™ and Vertical Thermal Channel™ delivers the best thermal efficiency   

    - arched insulation fibres and their head-to-toe flow enhances user comfort, while delivering maximum loft with exceptional    resiliency

    Pinneco Core® is a new synthetic insulation designed to be more breathable, thermally efficient and sustainably engineered.

    - Pinneco's Core Screen™ resists water from outside,             

    - while the Core Fusion™ technology seals the insulation like an air pump, actively drawing sweat from inside the bag

  • Riverstones Portage Cart Opeongo

    Riverstones Portage Cart Opeongo

    Riverstones Portage Cart Opeongo

    Riverstones Portage Cart Opeongo

    $128.99 Booyah!

    With great clearance and large wheels, this cart can handle the road less travelled.  Loading your canoe or kayak onto it is easy because of the spring loaded kickstand.  Tie your boat down with straps (included) and you are ready for the rockiest of portages.   Frame is heavy duty powder coated steel and folds up for simple storage.

    Weight: 8kg
    Size: 48cm x 83cm assembled

  • SteriPen Classic System Pack

    SteriPen Classic System Pack

    SteriPen Classic System Pack

    SteriPen Classic System Pack

    $89.99 Booyah!

    Using ultraviolet light to disrupt the DNA of viruses, bacteria and protozoa in under a minute, the SteriPen is one of the most convenient and versatile water treatment systems on the market. 

        At 162g it is light and small enough to use discreetly in restaurants or pack into your camping kit.  It requires no pumping or wait times and leaves no chemical taste.  Simply immerse the lamp in your water, push the button, and in less than a minute (depending on amount of water) your water is ready to drink.

        The SteriPen works best with clear water.  If your water source is significantly turbid, you should filter it before you use the SteriPen.  This Classic System Pack takes care of that problem by including a BPA free Nalgene water bottle with a pre-filter. 

    Included in the Pack is:

    • One SteriPen Classic
    • Carrying case
    • SteriPen Classic User’s Guide
    • One water bottle pre-filter
    • Pre-filter User’s Guide
    • One BPA free 1L Nalgene wide-mouth water bottle

    Lamp life is 8,000 treatments and it runs on a AA Lithium battery (not included).   One battery is good for about 200 treatments. 

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