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  • MSR Snowshoe Lightning Ascent 30

    MSR Snowshoe Lightning Ascent 30


    MSR Snowshoe Lightning Ascent 30

    $299.99 Booyah!

    Lightweight despite their flotation capability, MSR's Lightning Ascent snowshoes are a great choice for difficult winter conditions and/or terrain.  Now with a tougher decking, the snowshoe has solid (non-tubular) frames with aggressive built in crampon edges for excellent traction, even on traverses.  The Ergo™ Televators riser bars under the heel make trekking uphill much easier on the legs.

    You can also purchase Modular Flotation tails that extend your snowshoes by 13cm (5") whenever you need them (sold separately).

    Weight (pr):  4lbs 7oz / 2.01kg
    Width:  8" / 20cm
    Length:  30" / 76cm
    Load:  150 - 280 lbs / 68 - 127+ kilos
    Load with tails:  180 - 300+ lbs / 82 - 136+ kilos

  • Salomon Ski Elite 7 Aero Grip (waxless)

    Salomon Ski Elite 7 Aero Grip (waxless)

    Salomon Ski Elite 7 Aero Grip (waxless)

    Salomon Ski Elite 7 Aero Grip (waxless)

    We wanted to carry a recreational ski that is stable and easy to use, but has much higher quality construction than most rec skis.  This gives you two important advantages.  First, learning to ski or improving your technique is much easier on a higher quality ski.  Second, you won't outgrow this ski as quickly - even if you get into recreational racing - so it may save you money in the long run.  The Elite 7 Aero has a high quality base, is lightweight and has an easy kick.  Fast made easy!

    S-Cut Sidecut:  narrowest point of the ski is behind the foot, providing more control & stability, especially when descending out of the track

    Desolite 2000 Core:  light, consistent & torsion stiff core made with bi-directional fibreglass wrap & pre-shaped foam

    Base:  G4, waxless

    Structure:   Race Universal Grinding

    Weight:  1340g/pr

  • Suunto Watch M2

    Suunto Watch M2


    Suunto Watch M2

    $140.00 Booyah!

    An attractive, basic sports watch and heart rate monitor.  It tracks real-time calories and gives training guidance, and has three heart rate zones it switches automatically between so you can monitor your exertion level.  The watch comes with a soft textile heart rate belt. 

    Weight: 40 g / 1.41 oz
    Bezel Material:  Composite
    Lens material:  Acrylic 
    Case material:  Composite
    Strap material:  Elastomer
    Battery life:  12 months in time mode

    In the box:  Suunto M2 Black, Suunto Dual Comfort Belt, and Quick Guide.


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